Celebrating you is YOU validating YOU

Do you celebrate you?

Do you celebrate the small things in life, as well as the big things?

My past 12 months

These past 12 months have been quite a journey for me.  From a breast cancer diagnosis in October 2021, to a mastectomy, radiation treatment, oophorectomy, my husband having a heart attack, losing my grandfather and my godfather, and having gall bladder surgery only weeks ago, this past 12 months has definitely kept me on my toes!

During this time, we also celebrated from my husband’s 5oth, my cousins 50th and the birth of two beautiful little girls into our family.  Additionally, I personally celebrated when my radiation treatment finishing and I chose to celebrate my 48th birthday, which I don’t usually do.

This past year has really reminded me of the importance of celebrating life more.  And I recognised that my birthday is the actual anniversary of my first breath into my wonderful body and the start of my adventure in this life.

But why celebrate?

Celebrating our wins in life is so important as it boosts our sense of wellbeing.   But quite often our brains can veer off to the negative, trying to prepare us for all the things that could go wrong. Over time, this can create a habit of thinking negatively and then we tend to miss the wonderful things in life.

When we consciously make an effort to focus on the wins, we begin to rewire our brains so over time, our brain will more naturally look for the good things in life.  This also leads to us becoming more resilient and optimistic.

I know it is possible to rewire our brain from a negative habitual patterning to a more positive frame of mind as I have done it and I have helped my clients do the same!

My Story

Almost ten years ago I hit rock bottom with depression.  My mind was always finding something wrong in life… from people leaving me out to things not working out. Life was a constant struggle. I couldn’t see the wonderful things I had which included a loving husband, two beautiful children and a successful career.  As well as my family and friends that loved me.

When I hit rock bottom, I finally choose to heal myself.  This healing included healing the way I thought and saw the world around me.  This healing changed my life entirely and I truly believe that it helped me navigate through my breast cancer journey with positivity and humour.

When I found out I had breast cancer, I was able to connect with the gratitude almost immediately that they had found it and that I could have it removed.  From there I was grateful it hadn’t spread.  I was grateful for all my specialists and medical team that allowed me to have a sense of humour through this journey while also answering all my questions.

At the time of my diagnosis, I had many people around me, tell me that I would crash and that I needed to grieve… I didn’t have those feelings.  No, I didn’t ignore them or push them down. I allowed myself to feel whatever came up and I can honestly say that it was gratitude.

Moving forward with celebration

So, what’s holding you back from celebrating more in your life?

For example, if you are struggling to move out of your comfort zone and you finally do something small, celebrate that…

Whether it’s just getting out of bed or going to work.

Whether it’s going to the shops by yourself or going to a party.

Whether it’s starting a new course or meeting new people.

Once you have done it, celebrate it within yourself. Acknowledge your strength in doing something that was hard for you.  And anchor that feeling of accomplishment in your heart.  That way you can reconnect with that feeling when you need it.

And remember, just because you had the strength to do something today, don’t beat yourself up if tomorrow you don’t feel you have the same strength.  It takes time to build that strength.

So today I ask you, what can you celebrate?

Oh, and if you want to listen to a special meditation I created called Celebrating Life you can download it from my Let’s Get Meditating Program.

Please reach out if you need any help and remember, Happiness Starts with a Smile and Empowerment Starts with a Choice!


2 thoughts on “Celebrating you is YOU validating YOU”

  1. Carolyn, I would like to say that you inspire me,how easy is it to hide away,life can throw us some of the biggest challenges, I think you have overcome so much and you are now turning this around to help others,so selfless 💞. In my life I have experienced many struggles from my husband having kidney failure and ending up on dialysis a year after we married, I have moved to NewZealand to be with my partner so no family support..I trained so I could dialysis my husband at home 3 days a week ..this continued for 7 years..in that time I desperately wanted children but was unsuccessful..cut a long story short my husband had a transplant, then suffered a brain tumor..2vyears on after treatment I fell pregnant..ended up with 3 children (my miracles) ..life was good but 8 years on my husband got another brain tumor and died within 3 weeks of finding out..I had 3 children 4 ,6, 8 so I moved back to Melbourne..25 years on I have a new partner 3 amazing children all married happily 2 grand babies and one on the way…I now approach my 70th birthday and I find myself think I don’t need to celebrate it until I read your post about loving yourself. I am blessed life certainly has had its ups and downs but I look back on my life and think how did I ever do what I did.Have a great day and thanks for all the inspirations you give us,I appreciate you so much.😘❤️

    • Thank you so much for your comment and you are truly an inspiration also. You have gone through so much in your life and you are still able to celebrate the beauty you have. Wishing you an abundance of joy, happiness and love xx

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