Carolyn’s Story

Carolyn King’s life was turned upside down when her daughter was born, and she struggled to sleep. The stress got worse with the arrival of her son.

She thought things would get better after her husband found a job that didn’t require him to travel, but the path to happiness was elusive. When she took several sleeping pills and collapsed into a pit of despair, she knew she needed to change her life.

That is how she discovered energetic kinesiology—the science of energy balancing. Grounded in the study of anatomy and physiology, it combines muscle monitoring with principles from traditional Chinese medicine to improve health, well-being, and vitality.

She shares how this practice helped her overcome suicidal thoughts and start living a life filled with happiness–and how you can do the same by doing the exercises and applying the tips and techniques she describes.

Whether you’re seeking to support a loved one battling depression or struggling to escape your own darkness, you’ll move closer to the light with the lessons in Empowered Happiness.

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