What if this dream of yours was always there, accessible, waiting for you to take action?

What if it only took one thing to shift your whole life today, and build your dreams now, not in 5 years?

What if we could clear up anything holding you back in only a few sessions?

We’ve been conditioned throughout our entire life, from the moment we were born.  From our parents and families, to our friends and teachers, and society and culture.  This conditioning has placed barriers around what we think and believe is possible.

As we grow and evolve and start to ask questions about life, we can become confused and frustrated…  there is a disconnection between what we want in life and what we believe is possible.

We try to push through. We read books, take courses, speak to those around us. However we continue to feel stuck.

I’ve been there! I’ve felt all of that!  And I feel like I’ve been on this personal development journey all my life. Questioning what I felt was not right, with those around me not fully understanding me.

Then in 2012 I hit rock bottom and something shifted. It was time to make real changes and take action.  Since then I have complete many certifications and learned how powerful our mind truly is.

But today is not just about me.  It’s about you, looking to achieve a better life and reconnect with who you truly are.

It’s about you saying to yourself that you ARE ready to say yes to the thrilling adventure of your life.

It’s about you aiming to rise above the hurdles and internal limitations that have been conditioned into you.

It’s about you and your mission to connect with your internal happiness and spread that good in your world.

Hypnosis is a wonderful and powerful way to speak directly to your unconscious mind where we can access information and make lasting changes.

Throughout a session you will always be totally aware of what is going on and have the power to awaken should you desire.

And as an added benefit, customised recordings are available to reinforce the work we do in a session.

What is Hypnotherapy?

Have you ever driven for several kilometres and not been able to remember part of the journey? Or eaten a packet of chips, while watching a movie and not realised you have eaten the whole packet?  These are examples of natural trance like states we move in and out of during the day.

Hypnotherapy, on the other hand, is a deliberately induced trance where we can “chat” with your conscious mind for a specific purpose and evokes a deep state of relaxation that involves both the mind and the body.

In this state we can ask the unconscious mind to release old traumas, reconcile our past, and embed new ways of thinking… all with your permission and control.

The other powerful thing about being is this state is that we don’t always need to consciously be aware of how our mind is releasing, reconciling and reprogramming our mind… it just does the job it needs to do for our own highest good and growth.

With Kinesiology…

While Hypnotherapy sessions as a stand alone modality are available, for a truly powerful session I am able to combine Hypnotherapy with the powerful tools from Kinesiology.

These two modalities would wonderfully together as I can muscle test you while you are in trance state.  We can also clear stresses and blockages in your body using gentle acupressure points to allow you to release what is holding you back.

These sessions will help you gain insight into the challenges in your life, while also allowing you to release old baggage.  We can then reprogram your mind to enable you to be the BEST version of yourself.

Multi-Dimensional Sessions…

And if you truly want to go deep, together we take a trip to all aspects of yourself using all the modalities I have studied over the years. Nothing is off limits during these sessions and we could end up anywhere and anytime!

Customised Audios

If you do not want to dive into a session, but would prefer a customised visualisation audio targeted to your challenge, then these are also available.

Simple send me an email answering the questions below and I will create one specifically for you.

  • Your Name
  • The Challenge you would like to over come
  • How long would you like your audio to be? IE 5-10 minutes, 10 to 20 minutes or 20-30 minutes
  • Do you prefer oceans or forests sounds

Once I receive your question and finalise your requirements I will commit to having this created and sent to you within one week.

The cost of customised audios start from $60.

Please contact Carolyn on 0402 145 342 to make an appointment.

Online and in person sessions are available.

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