Nip Anxiety in the butt and face the world!

Most of us have all suffered from anxiety at some point in our lives and some live with it on a daily basis.  Anxiety is an uncontrollable fear that can be all consuming.

Many of my clients have either suffered from anxiety in the past or come to see me because it is taking over their lives. There are many techniques that can help alleviate anxiety and here are some of my favourite tips. Of course if these don’t work, please see someone. Whether it’s a councillor or a kinesiologist, know that you can get help and work through it.


Whether you suffer from anxiety on a daily basis or it only rears its head every now and then, concentrating on your breathing may well help you overcome its grip.

Breathing in for 6 counts and then out for 6 counts helps to balance your autonomic system (which influences your heart rate).  This balances your heart rate variability which can in turn help to relieve your anxiety.

Align your breathing with the smooth line moving up and down like the graphic to the below.

You can check out if you would like more information.


Flower Essences

Most people have heard of Rescue Remedy which is made by Bach Flower Essences. While they are great, I personally use and distribute Australian Bush Flower Essences.

I have seen so many people benefit from them that I recommend them to most people suffering from anxiety. I have even seen a child calm down in my clinic within 5 minutes after doing some deep breathing and taking a few drops of a flower essence.

Hook ups

Hook ups are a kinesiology tool I use in my clinic and quite often recommend to clients to do at home. I have some clients that insist it helps calm their mind when they are trying to go to sleep.

Hook ups helps to calm the vestibular system when we are over anxious and brings the energy back into the midline.

Looking at the picture to the left as a guideline, the first part involves crossing your legs and your arms, while placing your tongue to the roof of your mouth and taking in at least three deep breaths.   In the second part you uncross your legs and arms and gently place your finger tips against each other. Again place your tongue to the roof of your mouth and take in at least three deep breaths.

This exercise can be done either standing or sitting down and is great for all ages. You can even try it while sitting in traffic or in the toilet if you are out and about and need to re-centre yourself.

Essential Oils

There is not a day that goes by where I don’t use oils. I use them as a perfume, to help alleviate headaches, but also to help calm me which I am feeling a little anxious. Lavender, ylang ylang and bergamot are all great.

You can place a few drops in the palm of your hands and inhale deeply.

I hope these tips offer you some assistance but please remember you can seek help. Know that with time, patience and the right assistance you can overcome your anxiety and face the world with strength and calm.


Until next time remember, happiness starts with a smile!

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