Insights from Dr Joe Dispenza

A few months ago I had the opportunity to see Dr Joe Dispenza live in Melbourne and I have to say that he is an extremely charismatic, insightful soul with so many gems of wisdom.  He really knows how to explain, deep, life changing concepts and the two meditations we did on this day were mind blowing.

During the day I scribbled a handful of notes and here I want to share with you some of the insightful words of wisdom from Dr Dispenza:


We believe

We behave

We become


You are greater than you think

More powerful than you think

You are the creator of your life


When we take in information

We need to learn it

We need to remember it

And then we take action


Knowledge is for the mind

Experience is for the body

Feelings are for the heart


It’s the feelings that flood the body with chemicals.


By synchronising the heart and

mind we become aligned


Thoughts are frequencies and electrical charges

Feelings are vibrations and magnetic charges


Our nervous system is the greatest pharmacy in the world

and meditation helps us direct our

nervous system to create the chemicals we need


Our feelings and emotions are the

end product of our experiences.


You can always tell a different story.

Your past can change.

It only takes 7 days of meditation to make a change.


Ask yourself, what’s the talk that talks you out of your future?


My body is not my mind.

I am the mind.

I can take my power back


You don’t need to try and forgive,

you just need to take your attention off the past.


We can then step into the future unknown

which can be scary but also exciting….

It depends on your mindset.

You don’t need to control or predict your future.

Just believe you can.


When we relax into the moment,

we are less programmed.

The past is not influencing us,

and the future is not consuming us.


Your personality creates your personal reality.


Close your eyes and rehearse a new future.


Our brain records the past and we can install

new behaviour to create a better future.


By sensing the space around us we can stop the thinking.


When we connect to our heart it can tell the brain

it’s safe to create, which awakens your brain and

its function to resonate in coherence.


Our heart is our creative centre.

We feel,

We create a frequency,

We become magnets and

We attract things in the life.


Believe in yourself and believe in your possibilities.


Show up for yourself…

meditate, eat well, say what you mean, move more.


What’s wrong with you is that you think

there is something wrong with you.


Your neocortex dials you into the 3D.

Dial down the lights and turn them off to enter

the quantum field where you become consciousness.


If you change the field, you change the reality….

That’s the law.


In the quantum you feel it to experience it

In the 3D world you experience it to feel it


All frequency has information.


Become comfortable in the unknown.


If you get up thinking differently each day,

you’ll life will change.


Show up as the creator in your life.


Change the way you think, act and feel.


How long do you want to stay in the same story?


You need to outgrow your life to upgrade your life.


Prove to yourself just how powerful you are


You are the manifestor of your life


The universe gives you what you think you’re worthy of.


Evolution is evaluating how you think and act,

and growing from it.


There is more to you then meets the eye.

* * * * *

Take what you want from these insightful quotes… many have a much deeper meaning and taking time to ponder each one can literally change your life.  And I would love to hear what your favourite quote is.

I hope these quotes have helped you in some way and as I always like to say, remember –

Happiness Starts with a Smile and Empowerment Starts with a Choice!


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